Canadian Humdrums with Toronto: Best Time

Canada is one of the preferred countries of Brazilians for courses abroad. Toronto is one of the favorite destinations for Brazilians who want to visit Canada. But if you only go to Canada as a tourist, you can enjoy many tourist attractions that the country offers, including most in the city of Toronto , a metropolis “box of surprises”.

See the city from above

Virtually all cities abroad have a large building that provides a panoramic view of the city for tourists. Known as the CN Tower, the tower, which was once considered one of the tallest in the world, has a structure of 553 meters in height and receives around two million tourists a year for this purpose.

Spend your money at the Toronto market

St Lawrence Market is a Toronto market with fresh fruit and lots of local crafts

Eating is always good and on a trip it is essential to know the local cuisine. For those who are also looking for local crafts, a very interesting indication is the St Lawrence Market.

Experience the city’s cuisine

  • The Rec Room is a mix of restaurant and entertainment space.
  • Following the gastronomic route , The Rec Room is a must-see for anyone looking for food and entertainment in Toronto.

Eat in a nice place

The Sunnyside Pavilion is a great choice for lunch or afternoon coffee.

Food never hurts. If you are looking for lunch or a coffee with a wonderful view, the Sunnyside Pavilion is a great option and yet another “mandatory” stop. The place offers dishes and cocktails, wedding banquet service and even corporate events.

“The tourist spot is in a super old and very beautiful building, located on the edge of a lake, forming a small beach, very popular in times of high temperatures”, he explains.

Go to the Museum of Illusions

At the Museum of Illusions there are more than 80 attractions for the whole family.

A little museum cannot be missing from the travel itinerary. For those tourists who enjoy entertainment with education and learning, the Museum of Illusions is the ideal place.

Abuse of city parks

Toronto is a great metropolis, but it also has outdoor tourist options. The Scarborough Bluffsbetter known as The Bluffsis a public park and one of North America’s geological wonders. You can also have a Toronto Nightlife with the best night clubs and bars present.

Discover the Hockey Museum

The Hockey Hall Of Fame tells the story of ice hockey in Canada, one of the greatest passions of Canadians

If you like sports you should know that Canada is the second country with the most achievements in the Ice Hockey World Cup and that Canadians are passionate about the sport. Thus, visiting the Hockey Museum (Hockey Hall Of Fame) is almost a must.

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