Hosting and Birthday Party at GLO Mini Golf

Are you planning a birthday party for your child or maybe your girlfriend or your partner? Well, if you are in California then you have some super cool options to try out and plan the most spectacular birthday party of all times. The GLO Mini Golf offers one of the best and most fun fun birthday party. you won’t ever regret hosting a party here for sure. Here, we will be giving you an overview of how you can host and plan the best birthday party in the GLO mini golf.

The GLO Mini Golf

If you are in search of the best miniature golf then look no further than GLO mini golf. It promises to deliver the best and most thrilling experience ever. This mini golf is one of the best and most artistic miniature golf that you would have ever been to. It is a “glow in the dark” mini golf and is a sight worth drooling over. You won’t believe your eyes when you see this incredible kaleidoscope of electric colors filling up the entire space around you. They have exciting and fun things to do in Riverside CA and you literally don’t want to miss out on any of them. The 27 World Wonder theme hole and the Great Pyramids of Egypt are a must have experience in the FGLO mini golf. They also provide you 3D glasses to enhance your experience and make you feel like you are actually in a world filled with electric lights. It can’t get more real than this for sure. The GLO mini golf is the best place ever, where you can plan and host a birthday party for simply anyone. Everyone is going to adore it as there are a lot of fun and exciting activities to get indulged into.

fun birthday party

You obviously need to see and experience it to actually believe it. The virtual reality game is incredible and it will make your heart pound faster with thrill and excitement. Your birthday party cannot get better than this as the ultimate game room in this mini golf is all that you need to make your birthday, the talk of the town. Diffusing a bomb is one of the best experiences in the VR café and you will love playing it along with your friends, in multi-players as you cannot do that alone. There is definitely something for everyone right here. The virtual reality is going to give you some real goosebumps and your thrill is going to be so real.

There is also a proper virtual arcade gaming section. So if you admire arcade games, then you can step in there too. It has some of the best and latest Xbox games right there with a lot of great food too.You can also purchase additional accessories to make your experience stand out. There Rockbot Juke box is extremely popular too and it makes your experience 10 times better and fun. So if you have any party that is coming up, host it at GLO mini golf because they do what they do, in the best way. You probably won’t be able to have so much fun, anywhere else in Riverside CA.


The party concierge at the GLO mini golf has you covered. They plan every little thing with you, for you. You tell them what you want and they bring out a brilliant plan in accordance to your requirements. They help you in planning everything from the scratch till the end. From what you want on the menu to your birthday party invitations and till the goodies bags; everything is sorted out by the party concierge at this remarkable miniature golf.

Coming to the details of the different packages that you get at GLO mini golf, here is a quick review of it all. There are basically different packages for birthday parties and you can pick any that suits your budget and your desires too.


In the golf room packages, you get a lot of things. You get access to the golf room for 90 minutes, followed up by golf. You can get in 30 people at maximum and you also get your hands on the party concierge, which means that planning everything out is not a problem. Beverages and food arrangement outside along witha proper welcome for them is also included in the packages and they also provide gifts for guests. You also get unlimited arcade gaming and golf playing time.


For people who adore XBOX, you have a complete package for it too. You get 120 minutes in the arcade room and you can bring along 25 people and you also get the party concierge to sort everything out for you. You have an array of Xbox games to choose from and a proper outdoor food and beveragesarrangement along with gifts for your guests.

There are proper stages of the golf and Xbox room packages. Our get amateur golf package and then comes the semi-pro and then the pro golf package. It depends on how well you can play and how much of a pro you are; you choose accordingly because you don’t want to waste your time being lost in a game that you can’t even play. Likewise, the Xbox room packages are also sorted into intro, mid-level an expert level Xbox packages. Choose wisely and you will have the best time of your life.


Planning birthday party gets better, easier and more fun with the GLO mini golf. This place is one of the best places to arrange a happening birthday party at. You won’t regret a single penny that you invest in here as your birthday will be the talk of the town for days after it has happened. If you are planning to surprise a friend; you have got everything covered as this place brings in all the excitement, fun and great food that you can look forward to. You ca plan the party online at ease and stay worry free about how the arrangements will be as the party concierge at the GLO mini golf makes sure that you don’t forget this amazing day, at any cost.

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