Philippines the best place to visit

Philippines are one of the most beautiful countries in the world that most of the people like to visit on their tourist vacation. Location of Philippines is quite amazing with the equator in tropical country and it is the biggest asset for the destination blessed with the world class beaches. Weather pattern of Philippines is also quite influencing about the prevailing winds so that the weather forecasting sometimes unpredictable for the business. When you are picking a trip here then it is necessary to choosing the preferred months accordingly. November to May months wind blows starting from Northeast.

June to October months wind also prevails from southwest. Northeast monsoon here is considered as “amihan” and the southwest is considered as “habagat”. Most of the country also experiences the “amihan” or dry season. The Dry season also further classified as the cool and hot so that starting from the December to February months  ‘amihan’ also brings the hints of winter starting from northern hemisphere. The climate changes also get chilly in the months of December until February with the temperature of 25.5°C. Get complete idea and information about the Philippines for the holiday trip is available on the website.

Summer in the Philippines will be starting officially on March month so that it is officially noticeably with less chilly in every morning. Driest and hottest months are coinciding as Holy Week celebrations so that they are held during the months of March or April. The beach capital, Boracay will be the best beautiful spot for swimming in 4 Pm in the heights of the summer and get instant information of Philippines A-Z. Temperatures could also get higher with 35°C during the summer months so that taking the sunblock is advisable and it is better to seek shelter on the day time. Baguio which is in the 1,300 to 1,600 meters elevation from the sea level is also one of the most beautiful spot that everyone likes to enjoy their hot summer day. Average annual temperature of Philippines summer capital would be 18°C so that it is a ideal choice for the getting the complete rest during the steaming hot of the country. Philippines hot dry season also lasts May and it is quite useful for enjoying the summer in the country with the friends and family. Philippines weather turns hotter during the months of mid-June and the climate would be blue skies.


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