The Most Important Questions That You Need To Ask a Photo Booth Company before Hiring Them

In modern times, photo booths and not just an important part but more often the lifeline of any event. As most people enjoy getting clicked when they are all dressed up for your event, one of the best ways to make your event a hit is to provide them with the facility to click their photos more easily and more beautifully. This makes it important to hire a quality photo booth vendor for your event, finding which quite a task is. To ensure that you find a service provider that has a quality event photo booth for hire, there are several important questions that one needs to ask, the most prominent of which are as follows:

Photo booth options

There are many types and sizes available in the market today for photo booths that one can choose from. It is important to understand what types of photo booth options does the company that you are looking to hire has access to and provide you so that you get the best choice according to your requirement, expectation, theme, venue, and guest list volume. Some of the most popular photo booth options are as follows-

  1. Open Air Booth

These photo booths have a camera set up with an open backdrop that makes it possible to accommodate many people in one single frame. For someone looking for event photo booth hires and requires clicking group photos, these are a good option. These also you the room to photo bomb and so are an overall perfect choice to create a more fun atmosphere.

  1. Enclosed Booth

These photo booths are ideal when the space available for clicking great photos is limited as they do not require much space for backdrops. Moreover, these photo booths offer more privacy and so are great choices if you want nobody to see how you are clicking photos.

Type of images

While we continue to call them photo booths, most modern-day service providers have booths, that allow you to choose your backgrounds with the help of green screens, and also allow you to create videos, boomerangs, slow-motion videos, and gifs. This makes it important to ensure that you choose such an event photo booth to hire that provides all these options as per your requirement of the event. So, it is important to not just ask the service provider regarding this feature of the photo booth but also check the quality of photos and videos by looking at their previous work. One should avoid hiring a service provider that is unable to provide quality previous work samples. One should also be able to provide the props that the generally used and are likely to provide for your event.

The technology of the booth 

Another important question that one can ask a service provider that you are looking for your event photo booth to hire is the technology of the booth. There are options available in the market of photo booths that allow you to have an option of directly uploading the photos on social media platforms. For this, the photo booth should be Wi-Fi enabled and either the service provider or the venue should be able to provide Wi-Fi connectivity.


In addition to these, there are several other questions like the number of attendants and lighting options that the vendor will provide that you can ask to find a suitable vendor for an event photo booth for hire.

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