The Ultimate Batman Figures Toy Review

If there’s one thing most DC fans love is to wait up for an update on Batman’s suits! Basically, marvel stores are crazy over Batman’s suits. In fact, some folks say that this year, since the iconic Batman vs Superman film is the comeback film for Batman and his billionaire worth bat suits.

Since there have been a lot of batman suites designs taking the rise in all over the Batman world, there are also a lot of designers who are taking good avantage on creating and crafting designs on Batman figures suits.

One of which today this blog post wil be Batman figures toy review on the lates Greg Capullo Batman suit design.

Check out more of this information and newest design below.

Greg Capullo Designer Series

Out of all the Batman figures designs, one of those who stand out are of Greg Capullo’s.  In fact, his design was considered as the strongest yet. And there’s no even easy task considering just how strong the collection has been since it’s started in store.

But there’s only one thing that I am sure: kids, adults, and people with different ages loves it and will continue to patronize it.

Now, there are three in all Batman figures  that Greg designed. The Zero Year Batman and the New 52 Batman along with Commissioner Gordon and Bat Girl.

Let’s take a closer look at these figures.

1 New 52 

The New 52 Bat design has a typical eyebrow wrinkles, slighter eyes and it looks a bit more squat. It basically looks like the real Batman from the movie. It is infact a perfect design on the most grumpiest-looking Batman.

 Since Batman is known to have such huge abs, the ab crunch is a lot more flexible and visible too in this design version, however there’s a bit of disappointment since there is only a limited hand options. The body angle on this design is also a bit more flatter and fatter, but that just compliments the real and basic design of a young Bruce’s— still Batman.

 2 The Zero Year Batman

 There has been a complete revision on Batman’s head on the Zero year batman, that’s why this gives the figure a completely different look than the New 52. The head is a little leaner, the ears are a little smaller and the mask itself is smoother and even more defined.

 This should totally be an upgrade on the New 52 design.  Although this design still has almost exactly the same identical articulationa as to the New 52 design, but still at some point the body scupt itself can tell a difference. The Zero Year’s outfit looks more like an armor, and feature clear and defined areas in which extra protection on the suit are added.

The Zero Year outfit looks more like armor, and feature clear and defined areas where extra protection was added, definitely unlike with the earlier version

The calssic combat boots added more personality as well. Also, the purple gloves also is seen a big difference than of the New 52. They still look a bit odd against the black and grey, which most collector prefer, but in regards to capturing the Zero Year version of the upgrade, it basically just upgrades Batman into the classic modernized twist.

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