Tips to plan Hens night in Newcastle

Planning the perfect and complete hen party sometime becomes a daunting task especially if you don’t have some ideas and tricks. If you want to throw an amazing and unforgettable hen party for your friends, go here to get the best of the ideas. Have a look at some of the amazing tricks to make the party special and memorable.

Invite well in advance

Generally, most of the people are free in evening hours, and they can make to the party without any problem, but if you want to make sure everyone’s present in your hens’ party, try to invite a couple of weeks before, and keep reminding them to save the date. Giving some time to your friends is important also because of arrangements purposes. Give them enough time so that they can get fully ready to enjoy the party at its fullest.

Don’t forget the day time

Gone are the days when hens’ parties were all about evening and night. Nowadays more and more hens are also getting out in the day as well, and sometimes they stretch the overnight festivities till the afternoon especially on the weekends. You are planning for various daytime activities before or after the night’s party is not bad at all. It requires some special planning, but if you are successful in planning everything properly, you can surprise everyone! It is up to you and your friends how can you make the day time as enjoying and entertaining as the night time.

Give options to all the invitees

Not everyone loves the overdose of parties. If you have friends who can’t join the night party due to any reason, you can ask them to enjoy the day celebration. If you are also arranging the daytime celebration, people of all ages can join you and can celebrate at least till late evening if not midnight. You can organise different types of games, activities, competitions, and puzzles etc. to keep everyone engaged even in the daytime. Activities like treetop adventure, rope climbing, dancing, and singing etc. can attract a lot of hens at the party.

Don’t forget the bride

Yes! You are arranging the party especially because of the bride. The celebration is all because of her. You and your friends should surprise the bride, but keep her choices and priorities in mind as well. Make sure she is comfortable and happy at the party. It is all about her, making her sad and disappointed due to some stupid activities is not more than stupidity. Ask your bride for her opinions and choices, and make all the necessary arrangements.

The same thing applies to the guests as well. Fun and celebration are different things than discomfort and embarrassment. Don’t ask the other hens to do some unnecessary or shameful things. Judge their age, ability, and strength to make sure they are comfortable in your party.

These are some very basic and important tips to make your hen party as much enjoyable and comfortable as possible. You can add a few ideas of your own, but following these ideas can make your task a lot easy and hassle-free.


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