Top questions to ask an event planner

It is easy to put together a job description and place it on a job site. But do you know what questions to ask an event organizer when you have to interview them before giving them the responsibility of the event? Click here for event planning company hk.

What do you specialize in?

Most event planners will specialize in a certain type of event, which can be anything from weddings to business conferences. Make sure their area of ​​expertise aligns with your event.

What services do you offer?

Event planning consists of many moving parts, so make sure your event planner can meet all your needs. Examples include finding speakers and organizing catering.

What is included in your rate?

Establish what you will get for your money and what it will cost you the most. Agree on a fixed rate, hourly or commission, and determine additional charges, such as travel expenses and support staff. Visit to get event management services.

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Who will work at the event?

Find out who is your main point of contact and how many others will participate in the organization of your event. Get an overview of who everyone is and how to contact them. (You may also want to think about questions for separate interviews for event staff).

How much time will it need?

The time that your event organizer needs to organize your event will depend on the size and type of your event, as well as how many other events they are working at the same time.

How do you choose the place for an event?

The place will often be the biggest expense in your event budget, so it is important that the event organizer chooses it carefully.

Do you have contacts with good suppliers?

Choose an event planner that has good relationships with suppliers that provide equipment, decoration, transportation, catering and entertainment. That way, you are likely to get a good deal.

How do you manage the event budget?

Money is always a problem when planning an event, since it is easy to lose control of the budget. Ask how the event planner will manage the budget and avoid spending too much.

What technology are you familiar with?

There is a wide range of event management tools available to help event organizers organize their time, money, marketing and ticket sales. Find out what your candidate is familiar with.

How do you manage the security of the event?

Health and safety are important when it comes to events, as are the different insurance policies that you will have to hire. Ask your event organizer how you perform risk assessments.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

You should always know what happens if you cancel or want a refund. Make sure that it is clearly mentioned in the contract you sign to avoid surprises.

Do you have any official certification?

While certifications are not very important, it can be reassuring if your event planner has some.

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