Understanding the Difference Between Downloading and Streaming Movies

When it comes to accessing digital media content, you will come across two different concepts – streaming and downloading. If you are new, these things might confuse you. In fact, many think that these terms are interchangeable. It is time that you know the difference because the two things actually describe two different processes.

What is streaming?

You hear streaming most of the time and it generally refers to shared media. Streaming is basically an act of playing media on one device when it is saved on another. The media could be saved in the media server, NAS (Network- Attached Storage) device and the cloud.

The media streamer like smart TVs and Blu-ray players can access a particular file and play it. Many consider this solution because the files do not need to be copied or moved to a device that is playing it. The most popular media streamer these days come from online websites or video sites like Netflix.

How does streaming work? A website streaming video will have a “buffer”, which is usually several seconds of video. This is important as it can keep the video playing in the event of any network interruption. To sum everything, streaming happens in real-time. This means the file is delivered straight to your computer – like water flowing.


What is downloading?

Downloading is another way of playing media on a network. When it is downloaded from a website, the file will be automatically saved to your computer or hard drive. Downloading allows you to play the media later. Keep in mind that media streamers like smart TVs and Blu-ray disc players do not have built-in storage.

For downloading contents, you need to find reputable and trustworthy sites like fmovies. Here are a few things to know when you look for a movie-download site:

  • Download limits: the first thing that you need to do is to check the download limits. Most of the websites that offer free downloads have restrictions when it comes to the number of movies to be downloaded. With this, it is recommended that you visit the sites and check on their limits at the onset. As much as possible, pick a site with lesser or no restrictions.
  • Movie selection: to keep you entertained at all times, sites like cmovieshd movies will provide you with a wide movie selection.
  • Security: while there are many sites online, you have to remember that not all are created equal when it comes to security. Before you download, you have to ensure that your computer or any device is not at risk. With this, security should be your priority.
  • Cost: there are some sites that will require you to pay something small for the download while there are others that offer downloads for free. With this, you have to choose according to your level of affordability.

Final words

Streaming and downloading are not the same. Knowing the difference will save you lots of time, money and frustrations. By learning things about them, you can decide accordingly. Whatever you want to consider, your main goal here is to stay entertained.

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