Male Strip Clubs in Nashville and Tips for to Hiring a Male Stripper

Nashville is the most populous city of the U.S. state of Tennessee. Although it is so populous, there are not many strip clubs in Nashville. There are probably five or fewer strip clubs and on the top of that, no male strip clubs at all. The one that existed was shut down in 2010. Also,they have a 3-foot rule which requires the strippers to maintain a three-foot distance from the people who come to see them.

So what do you do if you want a stripper for your birthday party or bachelorette party in Nashville? Your only option is to hire a male stripper. There are companies online that provide male strippers for your parties.

Tips to hire a male stripper

  • Read the description: before deciding to hire a male stripper, make sure you read his profile and all the specifications because different strippers have different personalities.
  • Avoid too much alcohol: it is advised to not give too much alcohol to the bride or the birthday girl. If she’s too drunk, she’d miss all the fun. It will also limit the stripper from performing the thing he had planned to do with the bride or the birthday girl.

strip clubs in Nashville

  • Scheduling the performance: it is smart to schedule the performance before you plan to go out for the night. If you schedule the stripper for after your outing, the bride or birthday girl might get too tired or drunk to enjoy the stripper’s company.
  • Choosing a convenient time: choosing a right time is very important if you want to have fun. The right is the one when everyone is lively. If everyone is tired from partying or traveling or simply have a hangover, they won’t be able to have maximum fun.
  • Selecting a stripper who performs nude: if you want a male stripper to perform in full nudity, make sure you select the one who does it. Be sure to talk to your friends first to avoid awkwardness.
  • Choosing a company: choose a reputable company so as to avoid the scams. Many companies show pictures of good-looking males, but when they arrive, it is someone totally different.

Although, there aren’t any male strip clubs in Nashville, but don’t let that stop you from having fun at your friend’s bachelorette or birthday party. You can always hire male strippers online and these tips above will help you hire the perfect one for your party.

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