Virtual Events—The Current Trend!!!

In the current situation of the pandemic, most of the events are avoided. Instead of physical events, most of the organizations are focusing on virtual events. These events are safe at this time of the global pandemic. To plan for any digital event we need to have many resources that connect people to the event globally. “Unearthed productions” are a digital event management company that provides a great service at this time of the year. By maintaining social distancing you can gain awareness and also interact with the live events with the help of our company. We have a great team that has worked with clients of different organizations and industries. We are a virtual events platform that provides a great range of virtual solutions to conduct all kinds of meetings. Few of the examples of virtual events are listed below:

  1. Livestream meetings and webinars
  2. Virtual Festivals
  3. Virtual Exhibitions
  4. Virtual Dinner and dance
  5. Virtual Conferences
  6. Virtual Family Days
  7. Virtual Awards
  8. Virtual Fund Raising campaigns

To have an interaction among all the participants we also offer services like conducting polls in the events and provides social integration on Facebook and similar apps.

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Our digital event team also provides with special curated services like:

  1. Full Suite Livestream Solutions
  2. Online Digital Marketing
  3. Concept and content curation
  4. Online Engagement/Interaction
  5. PR/Media Planning
  6. Graphics and Media Design

Unearthed Productions-A virtual events platform!!!

In case if you want to raise funds or to raise awareness you have reached the right place. We have a team of professionals who deal with engaging live performances for the people at home. The event is organized so beautifully that you will feel that you are sitting in the front row of the event. The live events can also be integrated into socially favourite apps like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and many more. Our professionals are experts in engaging your events by integrating with all these apps. By doing this you will have an interaction with your audience among all the social channels as well. In case if you want to conduct any lucky draw games via an app while the event is going on you can do that as well. To join your event they should be an online payment and this can be easily done by integrating your event to the Paypal app. This makes sure that it accepts major credit cards worldwide. And if you need any help our technical support is available 24/7. For any front end and back and problems, we are always there to help you and provide an amazing online experience during the event. Call us to book an appointment for your upcoming events.

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